Standard year end package for small corporation - $2,950 per year plus HST

  1. Preparation of compilation financial statements from your records and filling out our standard spreadsheet (CLICK HERE to download)
  2. Preparation of annual T2 corporate tax return
  3. Preparation and filing of annual HST return or provision of adjustments to your quarterly returns.
  4. Preparation of annual T4/T5 when necessary
  5. Annual owner-manager tax compensation strategy
  6. Year-round basic tax and general accounting support

Standard year end package for small contractors and construction industry corporation - $3,250 per year plus HST

  1. Includes T5018 sub-contractor filings.

Optional add-on – QuickBooks Online annual reconciliation - $750 per year plus HST

  1. Reconcile 1 bank account and 1 credit card on your QBO at year end and/or…
  2. Clean up your QBO for accurate year end accounting.

Family Holding Companies - $750 to $2,500 plus HST per year based on complexity.

Services not included in corporate year ends include:

  1. Corporate re-organizations
  2. Complex tax memos and strategies
  3. Personal financial planning
  4. Deal support including – purchase and sale of business, complex financing arrangements, tax memos to lawyers and other professionals.
  5. CRA audit representation

Personal taxes:

Corporate or financial planning clients and their families start at $300 plus HST per return per year and scale up based on complexity.

Non-corporate or non-financial planning clients start at $750 plus HST per return or $1,250 plus HST for a couple.

Note: We take on a very limited number of non-corporate or non-financial planning client personal tax returns to maintain quality of service.

The Campanella Group takes on a very limited number of fee-based consultations based on the following fee schedule:

  • Senior partner - $400 plus HST per hour
  • Partner - $250 plus HST per hour
  • Associate - $175 per hour
  • Technical Staff - $85 per hour

All fees above are best estimates and are subject to change at any time.